Operations Consulting

Lean strategy & implementation and empowering people to increase performance

For: Sales / Operations / Logistics / Service / Innovation

We are about doing Lean and investing in the areas where the money is being generated.  Our customers hire us not to just save money but to increase performance that allows for getting more business and entering into new markets.[Send me more info]

After a session with us we guarantee that people are excited about improving and that know-how and methodology transfer to your people.

Top Line Kaizen

Our Sales Kaizen plan covers

  1. Eliminating Waste from the Sales / Delivery process
  2. Establishing an effective sales process that is suited to the market
  3. Making the sales process visual allows for better collaboration
  4. Coming up with the “Your company special” that is something unique to the market that takes into account your company strengths
  5. Performance Improvement

Global Lean Deployment Program Implementation

Deployment of Lean, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma based global programs in a locally acceptable and effective way.

Overseas Plant Training

Operational improvement at overseas plants – both on the operations as well as in Leadership behaviors.

Makoto Operations Kaizen ( Business Strategy and Process Flow Kaizen )


Our operational consulting team will work with your team to eliminate waste, increase the flow of both information and materials, and train the people in a systematic way so that they can do it themselves.

We have experience in Logistics / Service / Innovation / R&D / Hospitality all which were able to use our Makoto method to increase performance and job satisfaction.

Lean Benchmarking Tours

Japan Lean Experience

Japan is famous for its quality structure and also ability to get employees to contribute to making the company better through Kaizen.

Many consulting firms and company top management come to Japan to see great operations and incorporate that in their strategies.  Come and check out for yourself what some of the best Japanese companies are doing to increase innovation and remain competitive even with competition from low-cost countries.

Our hosts who have worked in Japan and abroad on improvement projects will be your guides as they help interpret what is seen to how it can be applied in cultures outside of Japan.  You will come away with a keen understanding of how a Lean business works as well as lots of practical examples how to improve the company you work at too.


Business Matching, Mergers and Investing Support

We support Business matching and Investments as well as provide workshops to newly merged firms to smooth over the transition process and gain the intended synergies.

Other Types of Services

Effectivness in Japan

Training and Coaching to increase your influence and leadership ability as a non-Japanese manager in Japan.

Being a Succesful Japanese overseas

A lot of Japanese are going overseas but cultural and linguistic issues keep them from being as effective as they could be.  Learn the do’s and don’ts before getting on the plane.

Lean Office Design

An effective office has 3 functions to remain effective

  1. Flexible and Improving:  A good understanding of what the value is to the customer and the ability to respond to changes, to keep trimming the wasteful work that keeps cropping up.
  2. Management:  Making things visual and organized allows management to be more effective.  Knowing when and where to use digital or analog method to manage.
  3. Physical: A Layout and facilities that facilitates information flow, and atmosphere of cooperation, and Innovation.

We will work with your office staff to go through all three stages. You and your team is also welcome to visit our own office in Tokyo where we practice what we preach.

Management Lessons from Taiichi Ohno” was translated by Brad Schmidt