Effectiveness in Japan

I love my Japan operations!

If you are feeling that your team is not operating at its full potential, please give us a call.  Using Kaizen as well as our unique position of understanding both the Western Culture and Japan, we can guarantee noticeable upticks in performance within 3 months. Yes, Japan can be a bit frustrating at times, but once Makoto becomes your partner, you’ll be saying “I love my Japan operations!”


Lean office design

Come on our Office Muda Tour!

  •  Located in the very attractive and traditional neighborhood of Kagurazaka in Tokyo.
  • We have teamed up with our client to offer concepts on making innovation flow and eliminating waste in our operations.

A poorly designed office can lead to lots of waste in both effort and slowing down the information flow.  Learn the principles of a lean office and then tour our office as well as one of our customers’ office.  We offer solutions in hardware, software, and most importantly, the method for continuing to increase performance.

Effective Executives in Japan

Japan is easy! (Orientation to Executives and Business people to be more effective with your teams and how to motivate them)   You will be surprised at how much more response you get out of people after our short session.

  1. Japanese cultural orientation – 1 hour + practical
  2. Application to business – 1 hour
  3. Q&A and discussion – 1 hour


MAKOTO Investments,Ltd.
Suite 3A Alphatown Kagurazaka
2-9 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo162-0825 Japan
Tel: +81 3-5579-8020
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