Japan Lean Experience

Benchmarking and hands-on training

Seeing is believing – and also saves lots of time!

Come to on our one week long benchmarking and study sessions in Japan.  With our relationships we have exclusive access to many companies that are willing to share their methods.


General flow

  1. We understand your issues via a phone call or visit
  2. We pick the companies that we will be good learning examples
  3. We customize the training to fit your issues and the people coming.

Each day is full of learning and new experiences.  It is tough as we constantly challenge ourselves but enough fun in mixed in to keep you going for the week.

Themes that we can offer – lead personally by Brad Schmidt

  •  Lean Government: How can we as government agencies, really in a service industry improve our operations?  We will look at how to be more efficient in government agencies as well as innovation in government functions.
  • Lean Processing: Many of us work with companies that have continuous processing. While we can still learn a lot from seeing assembly places, we would like to see how lean applies in places more like our own operations.
  •   Service Innovation:  We will be visiting some of the innovative service companies in Japan to see what common themes they have and how we can learn from them.
  • Lean Healthcare: We will be examining the best way to implement lean in healthcare situations as we visit both healthcare as well as manufacturing sites to gain inspiration.
  • Lean Manufacturing: Is there only one way to do lean?  Find out by visiting many great companies that are doing Lean in slightly different ways.  This will force us to decide what will be the best way for our own operations.
  • Private Sessions: If you want to bring your own management team to Japan for a customized tour for yourselves, then let us know.  Depending on availability we will visit you wherever you are, and make a plan that will address your needs.

Client stories

Jeff Kaas:

Until you actually see it in action and discuss what you see with your team Lean won’t happen.  If you want a transformation, your whole team has to see it and they have to see it together.  Seeing how good lean can be with Brad and linking it to my Faith has made a huge change in my life and my company. 

Jeff Kaas, President, Kaas Tailored. www.kaastailored.com

Paul Akers – www.fastcap.com

We have invested in taking 6 different team members in 2000, 2005, 2011.

My eyes were opened the first time,I was profoundly enlightened the second time.

I began burning lean rocket fuel the 3rd time!

To experience this tour with Brad was the single most import thing I have done in making lean a reality in my company!

Paul Akers, President, Fastcap and Lean Innovator.

Paul Akers, President, Fastcap LLC www.fastcap.com



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