Continuous Improvement Specialists

You Are Feeling Frustrated

Poor communication, wasted resources and lack of leadership skill are taking a toll.

Maybe you don't have good people or enough good people.

Maybe your good people are leaving or it's difficult to recruit them.

Engaging your team and changing the culture is now a priority.

You Know We Can Gain Worker Trust

You’ve heard Makoto are skilled at engaging workers on the shop floor using an approach people enjoy.

We can build trust and leave your businesses with ready-to-go teams.

Your people will know how to make their own success because they feel motivated and confident.

You’ve Heard About Makoto

You’ve heard about Makoto’s reputation.

Perhaps you’ve even been on a Japan Lean Experience tour.

You’d like cultural change but you’re not sure where to start.

What you do know is that the usual consulting experience hasn’t worked for you.

You are interested to try a different approach.

We Can Work In Any Industry & Any Country

Makoto is based in Japan and we work globally.

We know how to transfer the correct Lean knowledge and tools into

different cultures and different working environments.

Lean business works only in Japan because it works everywhere if you use the right approach.

You Know You Want Cultural Change

You want to achieve sustainable change without being pushy or aggressive.

You want action rather than another report, PowerPoint presentation or an expensive collection of data.

You are encouraged to hear Makoto do things differently.

We Can Achieve Change Fast

You may be surprised at how quickly you will see change.

You will be equally surprised at how long that change will last.

And how many smiles you'll see every day.


We have a clear project management and reporting structure. We'll take care of that so you don't have to do it.

Consulting Partners Around The World

Same quality product in many languages.

Supplier development programs for global companies.

Lean Consulting Australia
Makoto Australia Consulting Benefits

Makoto Consulting Engagements

We can talk.
We make a plan with you.
We can come in and do some training with you.
We can start you out or we can stay with you for the whole journey.
We are flexible and happy to work at the level of engagement that is the best fit for you.

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