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continuous improvement lean business Consulting

Continuous Improvement

Are you feeling frustrated?

Are poor communication, wasted resources or lack of leadership skill taking a toll?

Maybe you don't have good people or enough good people.
Maybe your good people are leaving or it's difficult to recruit them.

Engaging your team and changing the culture is now a priority.

The Japan Lean Experience

Japan's Number 1 Benchmarking Tour

Each tour is customized and planned based on the interests of the groups.

Our tours have been described as a "Life-changing experience."
People are energized by what they see, and leaders go home with a plan.

Japan Lean Tours
continuous improvement lean business Consulting

TWI - Training Within Industry

Implement TWI into your business model

TWI is an essential element of Lean and continuous improvement programs around the world including the Toyota Production System.

Makoto is involved in TWI consulting in Japan and internationally - It's one of the foundational training pieces that we use to help your business achieve lasting success.

What our clients say about us:

My eyes were opened the first time, I was profoundly enlightened the second time. I began burning lean rocket fuel the 3rd time!

To experience this tour with Brad was the single most import thing I have done in making lean a reality in my company!

-Paul Akers, President, Fastcap and Lean Innovator

"Don't fight human nature. Harness it.

People are powerful, inventive and clever.

Given the right circumstances, they can drive lasting change.

We help develop clarity, leadership and drive.

We help engage your people to transform your business.""

Brad Schmidt, Founder, Makoto Investments Ltd

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