Continuous Improvement Lasting Cultural Change

The people who will transform your business
are already in the building.

Shigeru Homma, Makoto Consultant


Take a different approach. Get a lasting result.

Sanja Tripkovic, Makoto Consultant

Lean Tours

Japan's #1 Lean benchmarking tour. Life changing.

Takako Schmidt, Makoto Consultant


Invest in people. Build skills. Grow your business.

Empower Your People To Increase Performance

Makoto Is Different

We Start With A Fresh Approach

No Big Data Analysis
Decisions based on data alone are often wrong. Data is useful but by itself, it won't give you the full story. We do not require investment in major data analysis in order to work effectively.

Worker Buy-in First
We prioritise buy-in from the people doing the work on the shop floor. With improved worker engagement, other levels of management co-operation flow naturally.

Makoto Lean Consulting Tour
Makoto Global Consultant Masahito Matsui

We Bring an Open Mind

No Spray On Solutions
Every site is unique with its ways and culture so we don't reuse solutions. What works in one site or department may not be the right fit for another. Lasting commitment comes from solutions that are the best fit for the people doing the work.

Peer To Peer
We respect the knowledge and experience of the people who work in your business. They are in an ideal position to identify inefficiencies and test potential solutions. We work beside them in a process of discovery. Ideas are made big and visual to maximise engagement.

We Work In A Different Way

Learning Through Experience
We use an experiential learning style because your people learn best when dealing with practical examples. In this way, your workers agree on their own definition of good and bad work practice. Clarity is achieved and processes to achieve desired outcomes can be tested.

Action Focused
Training is only offered to people committed to advancing continuous improvement practice in their workplace. Our training is practical and focused on empowering those able to take action. We don't offer mass training programs that are classroom-based and theoretical.

Shigeru Homma, Makoto Consultant

Return on Investment - Our Past Clients


32% Energy Costs Reduced

Insurance Company

Costs Cut $100K per Year.

Commercial Food Company

39% Energy Cost Reduction

We guarantee results.

We are hard on numbers and focused on achieving the goals we agree on.

Brad Schmidt, Makoto Founder & CEO

Don't fight human nature. Harness it.

People are powerful, inventive and clever.

Given the right circumstances, they can drive lasting change.

We help develop clarity, leadership and drive.

We help engage your people to transform your business.

Brad Schmidt, Founder, Makoto Investments Ltd

We Achieve Lasting Change


We come to the company with an open mind.

We work with people to find the solutions they can commit to because it makes sense for them.

We respect emotions because they influence willingness to embrace change.

We are keen to uncover insights from you experienced team.

Cultural Change

We encourage an environment where people feel confident to test new ideas.

This is done in a low-risk way.

Mistakes are redefined as valuable stepping stones for maximising team efficiency.

The learning process promotes confidence and redefines leadership.


Our success is measured in numbers and smiles.

Numbers are the financial results from our engagement.

Smiles come from happy motivated workers who are champions of continuous improvement.

We leave behind cultural change rather than another glossy report.

Makoto Global 2019 Group

Hard on Numbers - Kind with People

Our plan is logical but it's not stifling.

We work in a way that frees people to be their best selves.

The people we work with are usually energised and excited by the clarity and vision that comes from our process.

A Plan For The Stakeholders

We'll make a logical plan that you to take to top management.

We can help you answer questions.

This will be an airtight case that people can buy into.

We can create something that takes into account strengths and business needs.

We can bring in fresh thinking and realism.

Tsunehisa Horiuchi, Makoto Consultant
Takako Schmidt, Makoto Consultant

What Can We Do For You?

Benefits of the Makoto Way

Cost - reduce costs by tackling inefficiency

Revenue - increase your company revenue

Market Penetration - increase your market share

Waste Reduction - reduce waste and save energy

Quality - improve consistent quality of products or services

Productivity -  improve processes and boost worker productivity

Communication - improve the internal communication

Staff Retention -  help you have happier staff who stay longer.

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